We talk to Zebra about mobile POS

Our CEO, Dale Corrigan, was recently interviewed by Andrew Sill for our partner, Zebra Technologies. Dale talks about where the opportunities exist today for mobile Point of Sale and how our customers have implemented it.

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Andrew: Mobile POS, it’s a bit of a buzzword out there in the marketplace at the moment. Now, what better place to visit than Surefire Systems here in Melbourne, a Zebra partner that is really doing a lot of work in that mobile POS space. So let’s have a chat and see what it’s all about.

Mobile POS is a popular topic at the moment. Joining me today is a mobile POS guru, Dale Corrigan from Surefire Systems. Dale, thanks for joining me.

Dale: Thank you, Andrew.

Andrew: Now Dale, first of all, where’s mobile POS at in the marketplace?

Dale: I think if you have a look by vertical, it’s in very different areas. I think it’s still a little bit way off in retail because there’s replacement of system, there’s no driving edge by the customer to drive the transformation. I think if we have a look into field service, I think it’s ready to go.

Andrew: Okay, can you give me some examples?

Dale: Yeah, well I think where we are in field services is, there’s a lot of manual paperwork still being done. I think with mobile POS we can get rid of the paperwork, we can get rid of the reconciliation of payment and chasing payments down by taking payment at the spot, linked in with a mobile solution and then into their backend system. So I think that’s where the growth there is and that’s where we’re seeing the opportunities right now in mobile POS.

Andrew: Can you give us an example of say, how one of Surefire’s customers is using it?

Dale: Yeah, sure, well we’ve just finished rolling out the car clubs. So we’ve rolled out five car clubs across Australia, and that is the roadside assistance, RACQ,  WA, South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania. And that’s around managing inventory on the van and also the membership pricing and so forth at the side of the road. So it’s integrated with the Hexagon solution, which is the core management system. Previously, if you rang up and you had a problem with your car, they’d send me because I’m closer, but the reality is that someone else is five minutes away but has actually got the right battery for your car. So now we can link that inventory to the job and to the payment and make sure you’re getting your right member discount. First time in a hundred years, across all clubs.

Andrew: Okay, we know that hardware plays a big role in mobile POS, that if your hardware doesn’t work then it’s a pointless exercise. So what are your recommendations when it comes to looking at mobile POS hardware?

Dale: Look, I think the first thing is that where a lot of people are making the mistake is they’re making the hardware decision first. They actually need to make the solution decision first and then we need to have a look at the hardware that’s going to suit that solution. And we’re probably seeing that at the car clubs, they made an early decision on some legacy hardware and it’s proved now that we’re rolling out that there needed to be some changes into it. So what you really need is you need that rugged piece that’s gonna hold up in these environments. You know, there’s a lot of cheap tablets and things out there. It sounds good and it sounds a great alternative, but if you can’t maintain them and make sure they’re up 99% of the time. So it’s all about reliability, rugged, and you know, having battery life to last a full shift, whether that be a driver on the road or a retailer in a store.

Andrew: So tell me a bit about Surefire.

Dale: Surefire started, you know, we’ve been around for 20 years and we’re a legacy point of sale system in retail and that’s where we started. I guess four or five years ago we had a look at the market and said, where’s it going from a mobility point of view? We could see the move towards cloud and mobility and we had to make a decision. Were we gonna move with the market or were we gonna let someone else do it and simply integrate our backend solutions into that? So we moved and that’s the space that we’re in now, moving our legacy customers into a cloud-based solution with mobility options that will change our store  environments and also, then taking into these other new vertical markets.

Andrew: Well there you have it, surefiresystems.com is the web address to find out more. Thanks for joining me, Dale.

Dale: You’re welcome, Andrew.


For more information, see Surefire mobile POS and Zebra Technologies for rugged devices.

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