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Emily Adams
Emily Adams

Writing to you today, I have to say I am a little flat.  As I am sure a number of people are.  We had a tough 2020 with COVID lockdowns in Melbourne, and I was really feeling positive that locking down quick would prevent another year of lockdowns.  It appears that the actions of a few continue to affect many.

But this is life in general isn’t it?  Businesses are stronger when we are work as a team, and not as individuals.  Something I discuss regularly with my team.  We are stronger because of our families, our friendships, and our communities.

As we have been working from home for sometime now, virtual meetings have become the norm.   Over the last couple of months I have been actively seeking opportunities to engage more in person, and have been pushing my staff to do so, as permitted given the current restrictions.   While we continue to support you, Surefire is not a permitted workplace for the purposes of travel.  So todays announcement will prevent this again, but I ask that you push us to not to loose sight of the need to be in person, working side by side with you.

We are engaging with Metcash on the new Allergen Labelling legislation, as software changes will be needed to ensure you can meet this requirement.

We have some exiting news coming with regards to POS.  Something that we will update you on in more detail at the upcoming User Group, which will be held on Wednesday 29th September.  An agenda will be circulated early September.  I appreciate that we still have some work to do to improve, to enhance our current solutions to better support your business needs.  The User Group will be looking forward, to what is our solution roadmap, what are we hearing, discussing and believe is needed.  To ensure we hear what our customers needs are.

As with the last User Group meeting, the preference is to do this meeting in person.  However, this will be dictated by current restrictions.  And if restrictions are still in place, I think we are best served to meet virtually with a smaller targeted agenda and timeframe, than to delay to another time.

I am keen to get my team back into an office space, something delayed by lease negotiations, as a space for collaboration is essential.  As is a space to create opportunities to get to know our customers better.  So there will be further opportunities to engage when restrictions ease.

Our mid-year software release is detailed in this newsletter.  It is now available for general production release.  If you would like to request an upgrade, or discuss this release, please reach out to Support.  This release is not just about new features, but also about stability and bug fixes, so I ask that if you have not taken an upgrade for some time, that you please reach out to us to discuss.  It is also important that you raise any feedback now, so we can ensure it gets  considered for the next release.

Once again, please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or one of the team. We’re here to hear you and support you. To learn and grow.  We hope that you and those around you are and remain safe.

Emily Adams
mb:0434 424 566

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