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Rebecca Burton
Rebecca Burton
Surefire are excited to offer integration to Ticket-IT, who are a third-party ticketing company, to make ticketing easier. Check them out here https://www.ticket-it.com/.
Partnering with Ticket-IT is a strategic decision, aligns with Metcash ticketing plans, and ensures legislation compliance is met fully. Longer term, this solution will replace the current Surefire shelf ticket templates, providing one solution for your ticketing needs, template richness, and data driven label generation, so no label changes are missed.

Ticket-IT  integration includes two levels of data management:

  • A regular export of all product data is transferred from Surefire to Ticket-IT on a nominated frequency; this gives you the option to create adhoc tickets directly in the Ticket-IT portal.
  • Ticket batches that you start in Surefire Labels Wizard (or generate in webRF) are automatically transferred to Ticket-IT via an API batch import; the file pulls in real-time data for the tickets. You then select the job and stationery, see a preview of the print job, and print through the Ticket-IT portal.

Watch this short video to see how easy and flexible it is to print through TicketIT.

  • Quickly edit ticket Descriptions ‘on the fly’ before you print.
  • Foreign Language on tickets is supported.
  • Easily selected one or several items to print on multiple stationary.
  • Ticket previews show your logo/colour blocks.
  • Requesting changes to label stationary is very easy for Ticket-IT to apply.
TicketIT Surefire Integration

Want to Learn More?

Please reach out to our Support team support@surefiresystems.com to request further information on this solution or on how to get started. They’ll organise someone from our Professional Services team reach out to discuss onboarding.
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