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Steve McKinlay
Steve McKinlay

Here are some details about exciting new features we’re adding into Surefire.

If you want to know more details about any of the new features, reach out to They’ll be available from ( is the current version ready for general release).

Automatic item-based discounts can now be set to apply as items are added to the basket at POS. This means a multi buy applies in real time, and customers can see it happening on the customer display; the discounts update if a better offer is identified later in the basket.

For now, we’ll only show item level discounts that have no criteria. There’s a lot of logic to wade through before we can show more complex discounts on the fly!

discounts as pos sale scans

Alternate Description is a new field on the Stock record. Use it to add your own customised description, creating flexibility to clearly identify items, add notes, or feed into tickets (that have this field in their layout).

Surefire is now supporting other languages in this Alternate description field, starting with Chinese, and expanding to other languages as required in the future.

A clone discount button has been added to the Discount Wizard. Use this to time-saving option to quickly create a new discount by copying all information from an existing discount, before reviewing, modifying and saving it.

The cloned discount gets its own Discount ID, when you save the new discount.

Dis Wizard Clone

Surefire has integrated to Ticket-IT, who are a third-party ticketing company, to make ticketing easier. Check them out here You’ll have the choice of using the standard label wizard and/or the new Ticket-IT solution via Label Wizard. This will take you to Ticket-IT site, where you can select the job and stationery and see a preview of the print job.

Surefire is adding a Suggested Unit pricing field, which will suggest the Unit Pricing description based off details from size description. If the suggested Unit Pricing appears correct, it can then be applied to the item.

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