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Surefire Mobile Product Suite

Transform the way your customers transact with Point of Sale apps
Just taking payment is not enough

Just taking payment is no longer enough. Wireless pin pads were a good invention, but to stay competitive, your business needs the reporting insights that come from capturing a complete transaction. And to offer the highest standard of customer service, your employees need product, pricing and customer details at their fingertips.

Ripe for innovation are any parts of your business where you sell products or services, or take payments in ways that deliver a poor customer experience or challenges for your staff.

A core part of our capability is mobile Point of Sale technology that integrates with your back-office systems. Combine this with smart payment devices and you have a powerful Point of Sale solution with the potential to drive innovation in ways not previously possible.

This is the essence of our Mobile Product Suite. Whether you’re doing business at events, in pop-up stores, at the restaurant table or in the field, our Point of Sale apps are quick to learn and simple to use. They allow you to capture a complete transaction and continue selling at high volume whether online or offline.

Surefire mobile POS 
Surefire mobile POS
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How our customers use the Surefire Mobile Suite

An Australian State Boat Harbour authority uses the Commonwealth Bank’s Albert device along with our Point of Sale app to take payments for passenger and mooring fees.

A transaction takes less than 30 seconds, it integrates seamlessly with SAP and has alleviated the frustration of their Habour staff who can now concentrate on maintaining safe harbours.

Find out more in our Boat Harbours Case Study.


Several state car clubs use our Point of Sale solution for roadside assistance. Their in-field team sells petrol, batteries and other products with the same high standard of customer service regardless of whether they’re in Broome or Brisbane.

Real time integration with the clubs’ customer care system enables them to tailor their service to the individual customer with exclusive offers and member pricing. Customers can pay on the spot with a card or on account, and the transaction is automatically reconciled with back-office systems, saving substantial resource in the accounts department.

Point of sale Commonwealth Bank Albert
Mobile Product Suite
“The project has turned the cumbersome receipting of payments in SAP into something that just works. We’re now processing transactions in just 30 seconds.”
Project Manager, Transactional Improvement Program
State Boat Harbours
How mobile is your mobile POS?

You’re running Point of Sale software on your tablet so you’re ‘mobile’, right?

How’s the refresh rate on your browser going? Is it keeping up with high sales volume?

Is payment fully integrated or are you using a separate pin pad or card reader?

And what happens when you lose your wifi or mobile network connection? Can you keep selling?

Browser speed, lack of payment integration and connectivity are all common issues with Point of Sale systems, even many of those considered ‘mobile’.
True mobile capability

Our Point of Sale apps offer you true mobile capability:

Apps, not browsers for fast transaction processing
The ability to sell offline ensures 100% up-time
Capture a complete transaction with integrated payment
Flexible deployment to Android and Windows devices

The solution comprises a range of apps powered by a cloud-based engine. It currently operates on the Android and Windows 10 platforms and is in use on the following devices:

ANZ BladePay™
Albert point of sale apps
Commonwealth Bank’s Albert
Windows Tablets
Android tablets and phones
Surefire Mobile Product Suite

Find out more about the Point of Sale apps in our Mobile Product Suite:

Pop-up Sales
Field Sales
Pay at Table
Cinema Apps
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