Ingenico Group integrates POS and payment with Surefire

Ingenico and Surefire have now invested in their relationship with an intent to help customers leverage mobility to address new opportunities in retail and other transaction based industries.
The Ingenico Group is the global leader in seamless payment with 27 million terminals in use across 170 countries. The company partners with the payment industry’s most innovative players to help merchants eliminate payment complexity and add value to their business.
Ingenico was therefore the logical and best choice of partners for Surefire which had customers wanting to use its mobile POS solution to take payments on the spot.
John Tait, Managing Director, Ingenico International (Pacific) said the partnership was also an attractive one for Ingenico. “We had worked with Surefire previously and knew they had one of the broadest point of sale offerings in the market. They also have a wide view of what’s happening in the retail space and we knew we would both benefit from this.”
The benefits include:

  • Creation of value-add services which put Ingenico and Surefire at the forefront of innovation in payments and retail
  • Together the two companies are enabling new forms of customer engagement including the ability for retailers to transact from anywhere in-store and “queue bust” using mobile POS
  • Partnership has led to new customers and revenue opportunities
“We have benefitted significantly from Surefire’s retail experience while also sharing our expertise in payments. It’s been a successful partnership for us both in that regard.”
John Tait, Managing Director, Ingenico International (Pacific)