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Rebecca Burton
Rebecca Burton

We’ve recently added email capability into the End of Period functionality (blushing…we know, it was long overdue!).

Foodworks Lorne was one of the lucky sites to get their hands on a pre-released version. Their Store Manager, Jonn Stewart, was so impressed with the new capabilities, we asked him to share how it has been a game changer at his store.

You’ll also see Jonn’s new EOP Statement. We’re reviewing how to make this report template available for other retailers to use.

The recent enhancement for the process of automatic emailing statements has been welcomed with open arms!

With the push of a button, all our customer statements are sent within seconds! Previously, it would take anywhere from an hour or two to manually generate these PDFs. Even if customers don’t have email, they are easily generated separately, ready for printing/posting.

What I also love about the feature, is the opportunity for stores to be creative with the email body. A simple HTML code provides an extremely professional email sent to customers. We also took the opportunity to re-design our statement.

I want to sincerely thank the Surefire team for getting this across the line.

Jonn Stewart
Foodworks Lorne Store Manager