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Emily Adams
Emily Adams

It has been a busy few months, as we support a new customer, continue to deliver new initiatives, and strengthen our team structure and capabilities. We have had a couple of staff leave to pursue other career opportunities and focus on family.

Surefire welcomed a new Supermarket group, KFL Supermarkets, with the opening of a store in Braybrook at the end of June. Surefire was chosen as their POS partner, during their decision to open another store to further expand their group of stores, their biggest store to-date. The Asian Food Specialists, family owned since 1984, they opened the store with a traditional dragon blessing, which was spectacular to see.
KFL new store opening

While the need for a Support team and Application team are well known, these changes have allowed us to focus on building our professional services capability.  Professional services consultants are focussed on customer engagement and project delivery, how we deliver services in a repeatable and proven manner, and ensuring we meet our commitments.  Back in May we introduced Charles Soares, who joined the Surefire team in April.  He will be leading this team.

We have had two new developers commence with Surefire, and Peter Magor, who has been with Surefire for over 2 years now, will lead the Application team. His focus will be to further the technical and release cadence disciplines of the team. Steve McKinlay, who has overseen the application team and solution scope recently, will now reside within the Professional Services team, providing critical solution and retail expertise, through consultation with our customers.

In our last newsletter, I talked about the IGAShop and Slyp initiatives.  These solution offerings are now in Pilot, and we are commencing discussions to onboard other interested customers.

Integration to TicketIT has been completed, and this solution is now fully operational.  We are in discussions to move other customers to this solution.

It has no doubt been a busy year for all of us. We have transitioned into a new office and hybrid working arrangements. Staff changes create challenges with regards to delivery capacity, and place a demand on the existing team as we transfer knowledge.  Extra patience and clarification may be needed to ensure clear communication.  I am confident though that we are seeing the benefits of new staff and will continue to do so. As always, myself and my team remain committed to you, our customer.

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