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Emily Adams
Emily Adams

The New Year has seen a busy couple of months supporting you. We have renewed our focus on our release schedule to ensure our communication is clear, that we have a clear plan to support the delivery of software of a high quality and with new features that deliver business benefit to you.

After several years of no travel, I was able to travel to Brisbane and the Gold Coast for the Zebra conference. It was wonderful to be engaged in discussion again: discussing the vision for future.

Whilst we finalised the development of our new Android POS solution for Tablet late last year, our efforts to pilot this solution with a Customer have been delayed by bank process, as we move to production with the Linkly Cloud solution and NAB. There has been interest and discussions with other customers on piloting this solution. It is now likely that this will require another cloud EFT solution, with Surefire due to finalise the certification with MX51 by end of April. Discussions will then be able to be continued.

The Application team have completed the integration for the Metcash igaShop offering. We are working with Metcash to pilot this, with timeframes now early April.

Please keep well, may we continue to enjoy greater freedoms, and we hope to reconnect with you soon.


Emily Adams
mb:0434 424 566

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