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Emily Adams
Emily Adams

Hello and Happy New Year.  I hope you were able to take some time to relax and spend time  with family and friends.  I also appreciate that the Christmas period is a busy trading time for many, and the new year has commenced with many challenges
Hardware lead times remain a significant challenge.  We will reach out to discuss your needs, and I ask that you consider ordering by end of Feb for your mid to late year needs.  We will also work with suppliers to forecast needs to manage lead times.

Reflecting on last year achievements, partnerships have been important as we have worked with several third parties to deliver features such as E-Receipts (SLYP), invoice integration for direct suppliers (ABCIS) and e-services products (EPAY).

We have listened to feedback, key features delivered being able to email EOP statements  and direct orders.

And we have delivered new solutions, with the first phase of our &pos solution ready for piloting and feedback.  This delivers the significant capabilities of Surefire POS, on Android.

I am excited that we have a new office location, 606 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne.  While we continue to be cautious given the COVID conditions, we look forward to welcoming you into this space, and collaborating more.

Looking forward, there are a few things we are focussed on, and we will no doubt refine this focus in the coming months.

  • With the MVP completed for our &POS solution, over the next three months we will be expanding our customer engagement to validate and refine this solution offering.
  • We are focussed on delivering solutions to improve operational efficiency.  There are many online and delivery partners that you are engaging with, to deliver multi channel sales.  We will be delivering solutions that will simplify operations and ensure these sales are processed in the same manner, irrespective of the partner you choose.   This is essential to reducing the training and operational costs of providing these offerings to your customers.
  • We will be communicating a new offering for Shelf and instore ticketing.
  • BI Reporting remains a core focus and we are well positioned now to deliver new and improved capabilities.

You will hear the term focus group and user group used, and perhaps interchangeably.  User Groups are typically once or twice a year, an opportunity for customers and for Surefire to present topics we feel are of interest.  Focus groups have come about due to the recognition that it is sometimes better to bring a smaller group of customers interested in specific area for the purpose of further refining a specific area of functionality.  Working with key customers on objectives for auto-ordering has delivered shorter feedback cycles, and more agile delivery.  Something we are keen to do more of.

User Groups and Focus Groups will be key to informing our thinking. There will be further detail on what we have planned in the coming weeks.

As always, thank you for your continued support and we will continue to work hard in 2022 to ensure we support you and your business objectives and continue to be your solution partner of choice.


Emily Adams
mb:0434 424 566

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