Get Started with Mobile POS to improve operational processes before Christmas!

With a more diverse and informed customer base, retailers face a challenge with how to better engage.  The best learning experience would be to get live feedback and learn fast.

Being able to implement a practical and integrated mobile Point of Sale (POS) solution is an attractive choice in your focus to gain greater understanding and deeper engagement you’re your customers.

Mobile POS experience can enable to help you sell better, train staff on the go and provide better service in store.

The key is to get live in store experience, with a working solution, and create a new way to focus on the customer.

And with 20 years of experience in helping retailers successfully implement retail systems, this article aims to give you some suggestions on how to achieve POSitive outcomes!

Embrace the opportunity to address associate empowerment and lift productivity!

Suggested guidelines for mobile POS success:

  1. Don’t overcomplicate mobile POS – rather get started. Mobile POS does not have to replace all POS functionality – so don’t try to do everything at once.
  2. Understand the fact your teams will learn fast from live experience. Stores are still where the action is so support stores to trial and learn;
  3. Maintain disciplines with POS integrity – accurate pricing, integrated data and settlement and other retail business rules will translate into a solution you can count on;
  4. Find a sponsor. Candidates include your digital team leader, marketing and store operations, the CEO and even the CFO;
  5. Mobile Point of Sale is much more than just taking payment. A functional mobile POS system performs product scanning, pricing calculations, discounting and transaction finalisation;
  6. Encourage your team to determine where mobile POS can best be used : sell bulky products on the spot, close higher value sales with the customer and in front of the product, queue bust during peak times and sell on-line with pickup in store as a few of the options available.
  7. Start discussions across departments with how mobile can help boost productivity – with customers, stakeholders and staff. Mobile is the future and you may be pleasantly surprised with the responses.
  8. Keep a customer focus at the forefront of your project. It really is about deeper customer engagement and more timely and relevant service.

Learning from live experience is the secret for success.   It builds focus, energy, ideas and enthusiasm.

Retailing is about people and service – equip your people to use the mobile devices that they are so familiar with to focus on how to provide better services and re-engineer your store processes with this know-how.  Start with mobile POS and have ongoing enhancement in mind, it will be a continual improvement process.

Last but not least is cost.  Mobile POS may help you lower your overall POS cost.   Mobile is certainly more flexible and with a simplified approach you can extend your POS system and learn fast.

We see that benefits are both tangible and intangible.  Tangible savings can be found in creating business continuity in store (mobile POS can run when network or payment services are offline), moving from a Capex to Opex model for POS system investment, directly increase sales and decrease your POS costs: maintenance, support and change management.

Mobile POS has intangible savings too.  It may lower your training costs, influencing promotions, helping support campaigns and keep employees more satisfied.

Our mission is to help retailers better service their customers.  We understand retail and the complexities involved and invite you to consider the possibilities.

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