Essence of Retailing

The store remains the focal point for customer influence and retail sales, and helping retailers with a practical and cost effective way to improve store services is the goal.

Mobile POS software can help motivate, educate and empower staff to perform the necessary customer services to keep customers coming back. It is much more than just taking payment, it is really about productivity. Mobile POS is a learning experience and being able to conduct successful trials and obtain live feedback creates a deeper focus on customer insight – a constant focus on continual process improvement centred on the customer. There have been many improvements to the supply chain over the past 10 years and now it is time to shift the focus on understanding customer behaviour, needs and decision making. With mobile POS solutions, you can now turn your attention to fast tracking your learning where it counts – in store – where 90% plus of the sales occur.

In Australia, labour costs are high so it pays to work out how to boost productivity, staff loyalty and staff motivation. Staff can learn on the job, improve their product knowledge, share observations and capture customer feedback. Through this learning experience, a focus on the customer helps reshape the effort to increase sales, fine tune customer preferences and store procedures. Over time, you use real life experiences to redesign store layouts, services and modes of customer engagement. Motivated and empowered stores associates become a key ingredient in customer satisfaction, return rates and loyalty. Real life experience allows you to move faster, with greater precision and confidence. Your continual improvement initiatives are fuelled by the front line – the staff that listen, interact and engage with your shoppers.

“The key is personalisation,” says Dana Warszona, senior marketing manager, retail solutions, for Motorola Solutions. “If you give the customer a better experience, there is a higher likelihood you’ll close the sale.” It is the right time for retailers to anticipate and lead the sale through greater knowledge and access to information than customer can get from simply searching on the internet. Searching has been new, a bit of fun and interesting but an informed and motivated staff member can explain product information much better that a random search. Mobile POS can be a helpful, simple and useful tool that suits the way staff members want to learn, access information and perform tasks. A customer-centric strategic plan combined with an efficient methodology for trailing, learning and implementing mobile solutions can create a cost-effective path to lowering overall store cost and building sales growth.

Customer satisfaction is the essence of retailing. Your opportunity to embrace service improvement is now.

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