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Rebecca Burton
Rebecca Burton

After delivering email capability for EOP Statements in, it made sense for us to extend the same functionality to emailing Directs orders to the supplier.

This latest focus on the email feature also provided us the opportunity to incorporate some of the feedback for the emailing of AR Statements, and to clean up some redundant fields on the PO Summary screen and Supplier Account screen.

More importantly, you’ll save time with this new feature. No more saving orders to pdf so that you can manually email them to suppliers.

What’s New

There are two ways you can email a pdf version of the order to an email-ready supplier:

  • From the Purchase Order screen, click the new Email button to send a saved order to the supplier.
  • From the Purchase Order Summary screen, use the new Email column to select multiple orders (for any suppliers), then click the new Email Selected button to bulk-email all the selected orders.
PO with email active
order summary email option

How it Works

The email capability relies on the same email mailbox setup as emailing of EOP Statements. We’ve moved Email set-up out of the EOP Statement Wizard and into its own tab in the System | Properties menu, so that it’s easier for your business to complete the email properties for all functions in one place.   You can also customise the email template format to personalise it for your needs.

An email-ready supplier means that you’ve added their Order Email address to their Supplier Account. The Email option is only available for an order if an email address has been saved.

Once you’ve emailed the order, the Surefire system does two things:

1. It creates a pdf file (YYYYMMDD-supplier code-order no.) in the Surefire Systems/Surefire BOS/comms/ToOrders directory, which is automatically transmitted to the suppliers email.

2. Information is recorded to the PurchaseOrders.log in the Program Files/Surefire Systems/Surefire BOS/Logs directory.

House-keeping: Screen Clean-up

On the Purchase Order Summary screen, you’ll notice that we’ve renamed the ‘Export’ options to ‘Transmitted’. This was done to reflect the new functionality for email.

  • Filters All, Not Transmitted, Printed, Not Printed, Transmitted and Printed.
  • Sent Status: NP Not Printed, P Printed, T Transmitted, TP Transmitted and Printed.

On the AP Account screen, we’ve removed some fields which were either never supported, or refer to obsolete technology.

  • Fax Orders
  • Print Orders
  • Reorder Calculation Days
  • Allow Back Ordering
  • Automatic Recorder
  • Cost
  • Price Includes GST
  • Modem number
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