Customer Engagement

A recent study by RSR Research concluded that, “Retailers recognize that in-store employees need to do more to create customer engagement, but they also recognize that ‘more’ will happen best when both store associates and consumers are able to leverage mobile technology as part of that engagement.”

The world has changed.  Customer expectations are increasing and this dynamic is not going to go away.  The preference is for a more personal and convenient experience.

With a focus on learning fast and helping retailers increase their store associate’s motivation and sales capability – we embrace a mobile-first world.  Mobiles are how most retail associates communicate, learn, ask and work.

We also addressed creating a complete POS solution with integrated payment.  The goal was to offer retailers new ways to execute more personal service and get them started on the path to digital transformation.

And again we recommend to learn, revise and continually improve the process.

At the same time, our customers told us store systems needed more flexibility and agility to be able to engage, service and delight customers.  Integration became a key component to reducing cost and risk plus keeping up with change.

A major SHIFT in Retailing:

  • Handle peak periods and high volume sales more efficiently for the ‘I want it now’ customer;
  • Increase employee capability through on the job training and access to product information;
  • Capture customer feedback and observations at the point of engagement;
  • Most productivity through continually improvement of operational processes;
  • Support store operations to re-design store layouts; re-use valuable space at the font of the store;
  • Support supplier collaboration through more effective execution of promotions;
  • Create pop-up sales capabilities for peaks, events and special periods ensuring integration of stock and pricing data plus taking payment on the spot.

Increasing customer engagement and satisfaction needs to be measured through bigger baskets, better margins and increased loyalty.

The true value of POS transformation comes from corresponding store process improvement and operational execution.

The implementation model: implement fast – get results – fine tune and move forward.

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