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Steve McKinlay
Steve McKinlay

What’s WEBRF?

WEBRF is a Surefire app that’s used on a mobile device. It’s used to assist store staff to do their tasks directly on the store floor – like orders, product look-ups, stock adjustments, stocktakes, or print SATO markdown labels. It has been around for many years though, so like most things in this digital age, we recognised that the WEBRF, whilst being a solid feature,  needed some revamp and love. It got into our 2021 Roadmap as an R&D project.

A New Look WEBRF

Early on in the project, Surefire conducted some feedback sessions with our sample users, and listened to their pain points and suggestions. The outcome was a good list of things that needed to be corrected. We got to work creating a new look WEBRF.

A New Device, a New Interface

Over the past few months, Surefire has been looking at the latest generation Android devices (such as the Zebra MC3300 and TC52). They allow for the creation of more intuitive screens that utilise touch to simplify the user experience. They also allow us to add new capabilities to our application to help you streamline everyday processes and improve worker productivity.

We wanted a smooth and seamless transition for our customers. One of our requirements included making sure that the web interface,  compatible on the older generation of Windows devices, will also work on the latest Android and Zebra devices.

The new WEBRF version 2.18.5 boasts a more modern interface; we made bigger and bolder buttons that are easier to see and click, and matched them to the Surefire colour scheme.

The background and size of text have been modified to make it clearer and easier to read.

The menu has been shrunk to a hamburger menu that will pop-up when accessed via the 3 bars in the top left.

Grids are less cramped.

Unnecessary borders have been removed.

Descriptions of columns and labels are now less abbreviated.

We also tweaked non-functional components of the screen to present a cleaner interface; things such as the logo, WEBRF version number etc have been repositioned, and white spaces have been removed to free up space for the important things.

A New Name

We’ll be rebranding the application with the move to Android. The WEB in WEBRF won’t make sense anymore. So watch this space!

Surefire has been and is an ever-evolving business focused on continuous improvement. We look forward to our customers embracing this new version of WEBRF and your feedback, contributions, and ideas to make this product better for all.

Pre-Release Preview

We’ve done more fine-tuning, but here’s the idea behind the look WEBRF.

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