Some Smart Ideas

We’re adding some exciting new features to Surefire. Automatic Item-based discount can now be set to apply as items are added to the basket at POS…. A Clone Discount button has been added to Discount

GM Update: May 22

Steve and I had the pleasure of attending the recent Reddrop Group supplier conference earlier this month, in the beautiful Yarra Valley.  It is clear that Michael and Tina, despite the considerable growth of the

GM Update: Mar 22

The New Year has seen a busy couple of months supporting you. We have renewed our focus on our release schedule to ensure our communication is clear, that we have a clear plan to support the delivery of

GM Update: Jan 22

Hello and Happy New Year.  I hope you have been able to take some time to relax and spend time also appreciate that the Christmas period is a busy trading time for many.  to relax and spend time  with family

Email Option for Direct Orders

After delivering email capability for EOP Statements in, it make sense for us to extend the same functionality to emailing Directs orders to the supplier.

GM Update: Aug’21

We have some exiting news coming with regards to POS.  Something that we will update you on in more detail at the upcoming User Group. The next User Group will be held on Wednesday 29th September. 

Allergen Label Legislation

New allergen labelling legislation was introduced on 25th February 2021, which applies to all States in Australia. Retailers have a 3-year transition period to comply

GM Update: June’21

As we move back to regular and defined software releases, our July release is being finalised. The next release will be November. Please raise any feedback now, so we can ensure it gets considered

Coming Soon: A New Look WEBRF

Over the past few months, Surefire has been looking at the latest generation Android devices (from Zebra), and to also bring some fresh changes to the existing hardware.