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Steve McKinlay
Steve McKinlay

We’re pretty confident this highly requested enhancement is going to please a lot of our customers – that is, the capability to email statements for Accounts Receivable customers. We put it into our roadmap last year, and it was a very popular topic at our March user group meeting. The main question we got is how soon we can have it in a release!

As part of a recent experiment to see how we could send existing BOS reports to pdf, we ended up carrying on the development and added email capability into the End of Period functionality.

Some lucky customers got a preview of the solution last week, and we’re now looking at incorporating their ideas into the solution. One of them being to refresh the statement design, including a font makeover¬† and space for bank details.

The statement process is unchanged from what everyone is familiar with. Statements will be generated as you normally do every month, but now extra options to ‘send to pdf’ or ‘send to email’ will be available. If a customer has an email address saved in their AR account, then they can receive their statement as an email. This is an opportunity to review the grouping of your customers differently, to be able to generate a different variety of statements with different conditions.

You’ll also be able to customise the email template format to personalise it for your needs. More importantly, you’ll save time with this new feature. No more scanning of printed statements to pdf and then manually sending them to customers.

EOP statement output options screen

eop statement email

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