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Emily Adams
Emily Adams

Welcome to our first Surefire Connect e-newsletter.

Recent months in Melbourne have seen a greater freedom of movement within the city. I hope that the Easter period and recent months have been an opportunity for you to take a breath, release the stress and feelings of uncertainly and travel more, and spend time with family and friends.

Feedback from you is clear; we need to communicate and engage with you more regularly. The last couple of years should have seen greater progress in achieving this. However, the restrictions of last year meant that changes were slow. We now have a greater acknowledgement that COVID is the new normal and that we need to be creative and flexible. As a team, we once again have a renewed focus on creating spaces for communication, customer collaboration, learning and feedback. To demonstrating that we are delivering business benefit and innovation, through a focus on our core solutions and evolving our services.

In February 2021. we held our first User Group in some time. The timing of a 5 day snap lockdown in Melbourne meant that we ran the full day virtually. We were creative and flexible. And I thank the attendees for being this also. The audience of this user group was limited, as we explored the customer need, the content and the delivery. On the back of positive feedback, a User Group will be run every 6 months and there will be more details to come. We have a diverse range of customers, software usage, and user scenarios. Our aim for user groups is to provide an environment where we can share information on our solutions and short term roadmap, bring customers together to share knowledge, and receive collective feedback about your business and industry priorities.

In October last year, we formed our first focus group. The purpose of focus groups is to bring customers closer to the Application teams, with a specific area of focus, with the aim of delivering small incremental benefit often. We are currently running two focus groups; auto ordering, and head office. These groups are expected to be formed for a period of 6 – 9 months, meeting regularly.

The purpose of the Surefire newsletter and blog is to communicate what we are doing, to get you involved in user groups and focus groups, and to inform, clarify and ensure we are reaching out to all our customers, often.

I’m excited to introduce our first Surefire Connect e-newsletter, which we will send out every 2 months. We hope that you will find this informative, interesting, and engaging. What we do want to do is remind you regularly through action, that you are important to us. We want to show a more personal and transparent side, and perhaps a little humour.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or one of the team. We’re here to hear you and support you. To learn and grow.

Emily Adams
mb:0434 424 566

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