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Steve McKinlay
Steve McKinlay

New allergen labelling legislation was introduced on 25th February 2021, which applies to all States in Australia.

Retailers have a 3-year transition period from this date, to comply with the new food labelling laws.


How will Surefire Support This Change?

There are a couple of impacts Surefire need to work though.

Scales: With the assistance of Metcash, Surefire will be reaching out to Wedderburn to understand scale readiness for this change during Q3/Q4 2021.

BOS: The Surefire Back Office System will need to be updated to provide the functionality to apply bold text type within the scale label/product information.

allergen labelling legislation

When will my Store be Upgraded?

Once we have greater understanding of the impacts, we will be able to advise the timing of the required software changes to support this legislation.
A change of this nature will include using pilot sites to pilot the changes, before we release it to all retailers.

We expect the new feature to be available in the mid year release 2022. We will keep you updated.


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