Dale Corrigan
Dale Corrigan

CEO and Founder

Dale’s lifelong involvement with retail and Point of Sale gives him a deep working knowledge of the industry’s requirements, which combine with his passion for innovation and business efficiency, to drive the vision for Surefire. Dale’s IT and business management know-how bring that vision to reality as he continues to push the boundaries of Point of Sale technology.

Cal Anderson
Cal Anderson

Channel Director

Cal has deep expertise in both mobile and retail technologies and is passionate about enabling partners to leverage Surefire’s software and R&D. He was a previous Vice President with industry leader Symbol Technologies (now Zebra) and a previous Retail Systems Director for NCR Corporation.

Emily Adams
Emily Adams

Operations Manager

Emily is an experienced IT professional with a demonstrated history of project and service delivery to enterprise customers in retail and other sectors. With an operations focus, she oversees the delivery of our software solutions, ensuring we are doing the right things at the right time to met the expectations of our customers.

Mark Webster
Mark Webster


Mark is a senior technology leader strongly focused on rapidly and frequently delivering business value, and converging on solutions that delight customers. He has world-class expertise in agile product delivery in Financial Services, eCommerce and Retail that he leverages to shape forward thinking businesses that aspire to differentiate through digital experiences.

Experience meets innovation

Retailing is a tough gig. We understand this.

For 20 years we’ve been building software that solves the unique and complex problems of our large retail customers. From functionality to manage complex pricing options, deep discounting models, multi-level reporting, self-checkout and a range of loyalty programs, there’s not much we haven’t been asked to build. The result is a robust, powerful enterprise-grade Point of Sale solution that helps our customers successfully manage head office, back office and Point of Sale functions with 100% up-time.

More recently, we have invested heavily in a cloud-based engine to power our Point of Sale solutions. This, together with our expertise in mobility and integration, enables our customers to deploy Point of Sale technology in innovative and unprecedented ways.

Our Mobile Product Suite is used by cinemas to sell gift cards at pop-up stands, car clubs to sell products on the road and government authorities to collect fees on the water – seamlessly delivering on the ‘anywhere, anytime’ promise of digital transformation.

8 reasons to choose Surefire Systems
20 years experience in Point of Sale and strong retail pedigree
Proven solutions trusted by government and leading retailers
Accredited by all major Australian banks
Strong partnerships with leading hardware and services companies
SaaS licensing means fast and cost effective implementation
Highly skilled local and international support teams
Unparalleled expertise in mobile Point of Sale
Genuinely committed to our customers’ success
Justin Fenwick, General Manager of Information Technology for Entertainment
Event Cinemas (Amalgamated Holdings Limited)
“Surefire has been really good at listening and understanding our priorities which is important when you’re dealing with heavy deliverables and critical deadlines. Their transparency and agility throughout the project management process has also been key.”
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