Robust, reliable enterprise POS for 10 or 10,000 stores

Surefire POS

Increase sales, digitally enable your staff and improve your customer’s experience — all without displacing your existing systems.

Surefire was established in 1999, and provides a robust, reliable enterprise POS for 10 or 10, 000 stores. Retailing is a tough gig. We understand this. For 20 years we’ve been building software that solves the unique and complex problems of our large retail customers. From functionality to manage complex pricing options, deep discounting models, multi-level reporting, self-checkout and a range of loyalty programs, there’s not much we haven’t been asked to build. The result is a robust, powerful enterprise-grade Point of Sale solution that helps our customers successfully manage head office, back office and Point of Sale functions with 100% up-time. 100% uptime of the POS is critical. We ensure that our customers can continue selling at high volume even if the power is lost or wifi or mobile network is down.

Trusted by Australia’s leading retailers

Surefire Point of Sale is a proven software solution used by Australia’s leading retail chains. Ritchie’s IGA, Coles Liquorland, Spotlight, Anaconda and The Reject Shop all trust Surefire POS to process over six billion dollars of transactions annually across 1800 stores and 8000 POS lanes.

The solution successfully manages core head office, back office and point of sale functions and caters for complex and varied retail environments.

$6+ billion store sales processed annually

1800 – stores

8000- terminals