Customers love the freedom, power, and simplicity of Surefire Mobile Pay

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Mobile Pay for business

Bust queues, take payments anywhere, boost productivity, and more

With Surefire’s Mobile Pay app, businesses can automate the entire sales transaction – customer, product, pricing, date/time – right through to payment. What’s more, staff can be liberated from fixed POS. No more cash-register queues. No lost sales. Deeper customer engagement.
Consumers today expect mobile sales applications to be a lot smarter. With user-friendly, go-anywhere devices, the Mobile Pay app integrates payment and operational POS for retailers of products and services to deliver a buying experience that is second-to-none – maximising loyalty.
Peak-time queues
Limited engagement
Customer frustration
Lost sales
Impact on loyalty
Queue busting
On-the-spot sales and payment
Speedier small-basket sales
Deeper customer service
Love of positive experiences
Mobile Pay app runs on mobile devices
Seamlessly connects with existing systems for item pricing, inventory, and more
Make sales, take payments, and issue receipts on the floor or anywhere
Customers retain control of their cards
More delighted, more loyal customers
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Ready to transform the way customers transact?

While people are expecting a more convenient, streamlined, and engaging experience in how they buy and transact, it takes specialist knowledge to reliably integrate POS and payment using the latest devices. Surefire Systems are the integrated payment application specialists supporting partners to enhance and extend their existing systems with real-time transaction capability. Talk to Surefire about how we can transform the way your customers transact.