Citizens appreciate the fast, convenient self-service of Surefire Bill Pay

Surefire Billpay app

Bill Pay for local government

Streamlined self-service for paying rate notices and other bills

With Surefire’s Bill Pay app, local government can transform the way it transacts with citizens. No more slow-moving queues or waiting for tickets to be called. No more hassles for staff trying to link payments to the associated bills. No risk handling cash.
Bill Pay allows people to pay council bills on-the-spot in one fast, easy, self-serve operation. Payment queues disappear and handling costs are reduced. Bill Pay empowers local government and its agents to serve citizens much more effectively.
Manual handling
Counter wait-times
Reconciliation risk
Limited service
Customer complaints
User self-service
Reduced queues
Automated payment
Increased payment services
Customer success
Users scan bills on device
Real-time system connection
Users retain control of their cards
Payments taken automatically
Faster, more efficient service
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Surefire Bill Pay - download flyer

Ready to transform the way citizens transact?

While people expect more convenient and efficient payment experiences from local government, it takes specialist knowledge to reliably integrate billing systems and payment using the latest devices. Surefire Systems are the integrated payment application specialists supporting partners to enhance and extend the services provided by local government. Talk to Surefire about how we can transform the way people transact.