Surefire’s range of apps is ready to revolutionise customer experiences with connected transactions

Surefire Billpay app

Bill Pay for government

Surefire Mobile Pay app icon

Mobile Pay for business

Surefire Pay at Table app

Pay At Table for hospitality

Surefire BillPay app

Bill Pay

With Surefire’s Bill Pay app, local government can transform the way it transacts with citizens. No more slow-moving queues or waiting for tickets to be called. No more hassles for staff trying to link payments to the associated bills. No risk handling cash.

Surefire MobilePay App

Mobile Pay

With Surefire’s Mobile Pay app, businesses can automate the entire sales transaction – customer, product, pricing, date/time – right through to payment. What’s more, staff can be liberated from fixed POS. No more cash-register queues. No lost sales. Deeper customer engagement.

Surefire Pay at Table app

Pay At Table

With Surefire’s Pay At Table app, the hospitality business can transform the way it transacts with patrons. No more wasted time going back and forth to deliver bills and take payments. No problem when tables want to split the bill. No worries about credit card fraud for patrons when paying.