Surefire empowers businesses and institutions to
transform the way their customers transact

Revolutionise customer experiences with connected transactions

Mobile-first, cloud-first POS – enabling engagement and new forms of transactions with reduced cost, risk, and time

Perform complete transactions and take payment on the spot

Reduce reconciliation and potential for mistakes

Improve customer insight – engage more personally and closely with your customer

As customers, we expect to be able to perform purchases anywhere and everywhere. We use pop up stores and cafés, go to events, use roadside assistance, transport service, receive deliveries and pay bills – and we want to do it our preferred way!
With Surefire, companies can now sell anywhere and conduct a complete transaction including payment, digital customer engagement and transaction logging.
Customers also demand more convenience, trust and service in paying bills, completing purchases and in dealing with service providers, government – everyone!
With Surefire, we can provide access information about customers (like our loyalty membership); about the products we are buying (such as stock levels and pricing); and payment information (such as credit card authorisation, digital receipts).
Pulling all this information together, on-the-spot at the mobile or kiosk can be a complex task.
Surefire simplifies it, with software that helps service providers integrate all the necessary information in a cost effective, time efficient way, so that they can focus on delivering great service to their customers.

Mobile Sales

  • Do more than just take payment
  • Remove the liability of handling credit card numbers
  • Improve the value of your transaction data
  • Create greater process efficiency
  • Capture product, pricing and transaction detail
  • Transform the way you transact
Mobile is changing the way organisations can empower their staff and better service their customers


  • Customers are demanding more convenience and speed
  • Self-service applications simplify work flow and better satisfy customers
  • Integrate payment into the self-service application
  • Capture the sale on the spot
  • Self-Service solutions improve customer service and productivity

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