Customers Expect to Transact Anywhere and Anyhow

The Surefire Transaction Platform delivers transformational efficiencies for any industry where there’s an exchange of services or goods or a need to manage payments. Working directly with end users and via our partners, we have successfully transformed the way organisations can more efficiently and effectively service their customers.



Transforming Retail

Retailers use Surefire to improve customer convenience and boost sales using mobile point of sale.
Customer Engagement

Customer expect to be able to transact fast – anywhere and everywhere.

Sell and take payment at the point of purchase decision.

Customer Experience

Customers demand more personalised service.

Empower and equip your staff to deliver a better experience.

Customer Insight

Improve the value of loyalty programs .

Better understand your customers.

Powering Retail Innovation

  • Pop-up stores
  • Queue busting
  • Self-service
  • Roving in-store sales
  • Click and collect and other delivery service
  • e-shelf labels

Transforming Hospitality

Companies use Surefire to bring self-service and mobile sales to their venues
Customer Engagement

Deploy Pop-up stores with ease using mobile point of sale with integrated payment.

Simple and effective solution with complete transaction records including payment.

Customer Experience

Convenience and faster service keep customers spending.

Customers want tap and go.  Sending digital receipts gives you another connection to your customer.

Customer Insight

Opportunity to introduce new services such as self-service ordering and service on the spot.

More detailed information on customer purchases fuels business intelligence.


  • Reduce reconciliation work for payments
  • Manage pricing and inventory movement
  • Easy to use applications
  • Completely mobile – no fixed power point
Cash Less

Creating Cash-less Events

Organisations use Surefire to reduce the cost and risk of floats and cash at events.
Customer Engagement

Payment is changing the game. Integrating payment with sales is more efficient and effective.

Staff also appreciate a more convenient, automated system.

Customer Experience

Customers want convenience and speed.  They will spend more when the experience is positive.

Customers want new experiences and easier ways to transact.

Customer Insight

Removing cash saves a ton of risk and money – no floats, no counting, no loss.

Capturing a complete transaction record – customer, products, pricing and payment increases business intelligence.


  • Reducing cash at events saves time and cost
  • Customers tell others about a positive experience
  • Customers spend more when it is easy and fast
  • Transaction speed reduces queues and increases satisfaction

Transforming Transport, Route Accounting and Home Delivery
Integrate Payment when Executing the Transaction

Companies use Surefire to improve the customer experience and the quality of transaction data.

Payment is not integrated
Requires reconciliation
Transactions are not complete
Potential pricing errors
No inventory control
More complex for the work force
More paperwork


A complete transaction is captured
Payment is integrated
Single record of each transaction
Pricing Control
Sales capture inventory movement
Easier to Perform
No paperwork


Helping the Public Sector with Digital Transformation

Governments use Surefire to automate bill payment and deploy mobile payment applications
Customer Engagement

Citizens are expecting more from government in simpler, cheaper services.

Achieving payment on the spot can save administration, paperwork and mistakes.

Customer Experience

Older customers want to trust the way they transact with government.

Improving access to transactional data and systems is crucial achieving community satisfaction.

Customer Insight

Improving the quality and completeness of transaction records save time, money and resources.

Promote the capability of government to be more efficient and responsive.


  • reduce cost of providing services
  • automate the way transactions are performed
  • decrease administration and invoicing costs
  • reduce financial risk and bad debt
  • increase efficiency and productivity
Field Service

Expanding capabilities for workers on-the-go

Field service organisations use Surefire to  integrate payment in mobile applications

The shift to real-time transactions is revolutionising the service industry. It’s enabling workers to capture more relevant data, access information on-the-go and finalise payment when the job is done.
Surefire’s solutions are powering these capabilities by letting field workers tap into existing finance, customer and inventory systems. Productivity is improved and workers are able to better manage inventory, payments and customer satisfaction.

Enabling greater workforce productivity

  • Inventory accuracy, visibility and records
  • Improved process workflow
  • Fewer bottlenecks and mistakes
  • Better cash flow with on the spot payments
  • Improved quality and accuracy of existing management systems