Your fast track to smarter transaction management
Surefire’s approach allows for quick and easy delivery of integrated POS and real-time inventory management for your business.
Our methodology puts you in control and minimises cost and risk. We aim to save you time, cost and effort. We progress implementation and roll-out at a pace that works for you.
Our Software-as-a-Service subscription model also reduces your upfront commitment so you can confidently get started and fund your project from operational benefits in your business.
Surefire’s approach is collaborative helping you leverage your current system and resource investments while taking advantage of a better way to transact.
This half-day workshop allows us to understand your needs so we can develop a bespoke solution that fits seamlessly into your environment. After the workshop, we’ll provide you with a Statement of Work which includes a fixed price quote and timeline for development and integration. From there, you can decide when to move on to development, pilot and rollout.
We bring our teams together in a joint Agile development process. Over 6 – 8 weeks back-end systems and front end mobile clients are integrated through the cloud, along with any other functionality needed to support your specific business needs. User acceptance testing completes this phase and the solution is ready for piloting.
Usually deployed across 2 – 5 sites for approximately 2 weeks. Operational staff use the solution in the real world and provide structured feedback. The team gains further understanding about what’s required to operationalise the solution – and valuable learning can be integrated prior to roll-out .
The solution is ready to be rolled out once any further development is complete. The cost and timeframe of the rollout will vary based on the number of sites and complexity of integration – but typically takes 6 – 10 weeks. Once the solution is in place - Surefire continues to work with you to identify where ongoing efficiencies can be implemented.

Benefits of the Surefire Approach

  • Collaborative, agile development process
  • Speed to delivery – as quickly as 6-8 weeks to pilot
  • No commitment to lengthy, costly system upgrades
  • Surefire’s experience of introducing new systems in store and training staff make sure you get the most out of your investment
  • 24/7 service to ensure business continuity and ongoing satisfaction
Contact us to find out more about our Discovery workshop and how Surefire can start to transform your business


Surefire offers a range of consulting and development services to put your business on the fast track to smarter transaction management. We can also connect you to our extensive resource network to solve more of your business needs.


Implementing a new transaction solution is a strategic investment for your business. Choosing the right solution is critical but so is maximising its potential. With years of experience implementing transaction solutions, Surefire can advise you on the most effective way to get your system up and running and achieve the results you need. There’s a lot to consider but we will be there every step of the way to help you get the most out of your investment.
  • In-store layout & flow of the new mobile environment – See things from a customer perspective
  • Staff training – Discover new ways of selling and engaging with the customer – not just how to operate a device
  • Customer approaches & engagement – Helping them transition to a new way to buy
  • Roadmap for implementation & on-boarding – Recommended & tailored stages to enable the platforms’ full potential.

Successful training and implementation positively influences KPIs such as transaction duration, customer satisfaction and usage


Consult with our team  to discover how you can improve transaction management for your business. Also, find out how you can extend the value of your current solution or services by white labelling or connecting to our platform. We give you access to our most senior consultants with decades of experience in point-of-sale, inventory management, retail and mobility.


Surefire offers agile, collaborative development services to speed the delivery of bespoke solutions that meet the needs of your business. Contact us to discuss your development needs and learn more about our services.


With our extensive partner network, Surefire can help you solve just about any business problem by connecting you to the best expert or supplier.